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  • We The People Stimulus Package - Bob Basso as Thomas Paine
  • American Tea Party Anthem - By Lloyd Marcus. I love this song
  • United We Stand - This is a video tribute in recognition of 9/11. Music by Lloyd Marcus entitled "United We Stand"
  • Stand up for Liberty - Renew hope for liberty, the 912 project and tea parties. We the people will prevail and win back our liberty.
  • USS of A - a new original song written and performed by Ron and Kay Rivoli of The Rivoli Revue. This song voices concerns over government handouts and the ever expanding role of government.

The YouTube links below are Part 1 and 2 of a tape made by a man and his wife from their ranch in south-central Texas C2. At their own expense,they made 1000 copies and sent one to every single congressman and senator and some media outlets. Let's hope that each and every one of them watched and LISTENED!!!

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