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This page started out to be fairly simple but with all that is happening I realized it would get more complicated so it is now a list. This section will keep changing as I add to it so keep checking back and send me your feedback or suggestions.
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  1. Anti 2nd Amendment Politicians - I decided to put a pdf with all the Senators who voted to turn over your 2nd amendment rights to the UN.
  2. Hall of Shame on Gun Control - PDF of Senators vote on gun control. Basically a list of who really needs to go because they simply don't understand the statement "shall not be infringed"
  3. Pulpit Freedom - Good site for Preachers
  4. Under God Indivisible - The stuff on this site will get you excited and ready to vote
  5. One Vote Matters - Does one vote matter? Absolutely! YOUR vote matters. Make sure you register to vote today at
  6. Judging Presidents - YouTube video explaining what all the reasoning you should use when vetting the long term effects of a presidency. Very instructive
  7. Check ACU Ratings for The Senate - Good to know before you vote
  8. Check ACU Ratings for Congress - Good to know before you vote
  9. H.R.1270 (Audit The Fed) voted down June 30 2010 - Check out the Hall of Shame list provided by Campaign for Liberty
  10. 62 Traitors to the Constitution - This link was sent to me by a visitor to the website. 
  11. Posted Dec 22 2010. Senate ratified the Start Treaty. See How they voted
  12. HR 1207 Hall of Shame - Modified list
  13. Vote to repeal Obamacare in Congress. H.R. 6079 7/11/12 See How they voted

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