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This wasn't submitted to me (got it from a post on The Blaze). It may seem a little radical but I like this list.
Posted on January 5, 2011 at 11:38am

My 2012 Conservative Wet Dream Ticket:

Pres: Michelle Bachmann
VP: Jim DeMint
Sec. State: LTC Allen West
Sec. Treasury: Ron Paul
Sec. Defense: Gen. David Petraeus
Head of Homeland Security: Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Any takers? Suggestions? Additions?

Note to Congress: Change ain't here yet, but it's coming.
Remember to vote in 2012

Here is one of my suggestions. Our Representatives don't seem to listen to us. What we have to do is make such a statement they can't ignore us. What I suggest is emailing them a statement that you intend to vote them out and tell them the only chance they have is to earn your vote back with deeds. Below is a sample of what I use.
Dear ______________,

I as an American Citizen am highly upset with the attitude I have been seeing from my Representatives in Washington. The Obama Administration is moving fast to remake America into something "We The People" will not even recognize. The thing I am the most upset about is that Congress and the Senate are not doing enough to stop it. From what I have seen the bottom line is I will not vote for you when you come up again for election. There is a chance you can earn my vote back but it won't be easy. First I expect to see and hear you stand up for The Constitution and The American People. Second I expect you to voice your disagreement in a loud voice when President Obama or any os his staff or cabinet comes out and apologizes for America, calls our military people potential terrorists, takes over a company or bank etc. In other words when you show me in deed rather than doing lip service to the concerns of the majority of the American People. We are done letting the minority make the rules for the rest of us. The Tea Parties were only the first step, it got your attention. Now it's time for the next step which is putting every elected official on notice. After that comes my vote as well as a few hundred thousand other people's votes. Please earn the vote so we don't have to remove you from your job.


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