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All About Obama

There are a few things that I think everyone should remember about events during the General Election. I can't remember everything but I did run across a website with the whole timeline from Barrack Obama's birth through his first 100 days as President. Visit the website (we don't know how long the information will be there), or we have a pdf file you can download. I will keep adding things as I remember them in the meantime if you really want to learn who and what Obama is read the pdf file.
It isn't just about Obama but we have a pdf file called What is Happening To Our Country?

  • Reverend Wright
  • Bill Ayers
  • Tony Rezko
  • I only heard Obama answer one question straight when  "Joe The Plumber" caught him off guard and he answered a question truthfully. The Liberals and Mainstream Media realized it gave insight they wanted kept hidden so they tried to destroy "Joe The Plumber".
  • Sarah Palin came on the scene and talked about the things the majority of Americans were concerned with. Because she believed in traditional values she was targeted by the left and the mainstream media. The attacks were vicious and also targeted at her family. They continue to this day because they still fear her message.
  • Birth Certificate - IS HE EVEN A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN?
  • Sherrif Joe's Cold Case Posse says the Birth Certificate and Selective Service Card are fake
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