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Primary Tues Jun 28 2016, General Tues Nov 8 2016
* =incumbent
US Senate
US Congress
Don't Support
Mike Lee R* 2016
Since 2010
Endorsed by The Senate Conservatives Fund
Endorsed by The Tea Party Express
A on 2nd amendment

Orin Hatch R* 2018
Since 1976

B- on 2nd amendment
Voted for Obama's Iran deal
Don't Support
Gary Herbert R * 2016
Since 2009

Don't Support
Rob Bishop R 1st *
Since 2002
Co-Sponsored Fair Tax
Tea Party Caucus

A on 2nd amendment

Chris Stewart R 2nd*
Since 2012
A on 2nd amendment

Jason Chaffetz R 3rd *
Since 2008

A on 2nd amendment

Mia B. Love R 4th *
Since 2014

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