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Our mission with this website is to search out political candidates we can support and list them. At the same time we will also list the ones we feel very strongly about removing.

We feel that too many of our representatives are more concerned with special interest groups than they are in serving the American People. We have seen the Government increase spending to an unimaginable level with absolutely no indication they intend to slow down unless WE THE PEOPLE make our voice heard.

The only way we feel this will happen is when we start voting out the politicians who don't represent the people and vote in people who will.

We encourage everyone to write, email and call your Congressmen and Senators and let them know how you feel. We know it seems like they don't listen but they do hear, if they didn't they would not have started the smear campaign against the Tea Parties. They noticed and if people keep up the pressure our numbers will grow to the point where they won't dare try to ignore us.

In the meantime our job is to replace everyone who won't listen to us.
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