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  1. Sam Johnson, CD3, needs to retire and we FINALLY have a viable candidate that can bring the courage, strength, and voice back to our Congressional seat that we need, just as Ted Cruz has done with his youthful energy and talent to the Senate. Josh Loveless is that man. He is brilliant. Men like Josh don’t run for office very often and when they do, we HAVE to utilize their talents for the good of the people! He knows and loves the constitution. He is prepared and armed with the knowledge it is going to take to restore integrity to Congress. He made a public commitment over a year ago titled, “An article a day keeps the confusion away.” He reads an article a day of the U.S. Constitution, and on Sundays reads the Bill of Rights. He boldly proclaims, “NO more Congressmen and Congresswomen who don’t know the Constitution. NO more government officials looking at it as ‘more of a guideline than a rule.'”

    We need someone with the technical knowledge to dismantle what the NSA has done. We need technical leadership! We need someone in Congress that will rally the people. We cannot be complacent as our liberties are slowly stripped away. We need to restore integrity to D.C. We need Congress to pull back the reigns of an unruly tyrant and restore power to Congress. Restore power to “We the People”. We need to fight and we need the vigor and energy it takes to loudly bring our voice back to our Congressional seat.

    Now is the time! We cannot procrastinate till tomorrow that which MUST be done today. We need to wake up! Bring Sam Johnson home with a grateful heart from the people that he has served for decades and fill that seat with the strength, energy, vigor and fight that the “We the People of District 3”, Collin County deserve!

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