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The Senate Conservatives Fund has not endorsed anyone. They state “South Dakota is on our 2014 Priority List because it presents conservatives with a major pick-up opportunity. Incumbent Democratic Senator Tim Johnson is retiring. President Obama lost the state in 2012 so it is important that Republicans nominate a strong conservative. NOTE: SCF will not support former governor MIke Rounds because his record is too liberal.

If Mike Rounds is too liberal for SCF, I say he is too liberal for thee people of South Dakota.

The other candidates listed are Annette Bosworth R I like what I read, she also supports term limits and the Fair Tax, Larry Rhoden R Seems OK on the major issues, and Stace Nelson R Everything sounds good and he supports Term Limits.

Based on what I read the two best options would be either Annette Bosworth or Stace Nelson.

If you have any additional information please let me know from the website.

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