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The Senate Conservatives Fund has not endorsed anyone. They state “Incumbent Republican Lindsey Graham is up for re-election. South Carolina is a bright red state so the winner of the GOP primary will likely win the seat.

Many/most conservatives agree that Lindsey Graham needs to be defeated. I was reading an article on Brietbart the other day that put forth the theory  that several primary challengers could keep the incumbent below the 50% mark, forcing a run off. That way people can get behind the challenger to defeat Graham in the primary. The idea has some merit. The only chance is in the primary and it will take people getting out and voting in the primary.

The candidates listed are Bill Connor R The website didn’t go into issues so I don’t know where he actually stands, Lee Bright R He seems to be good on the constitution, 2nd amendment, pro life and does mention The Fair Tax, Nancy Mace R Pro life, good statement on 2nd amendment, didn’t mention the Fair Tax, Richard Cash R I liked everything I read, only problem was he didn’t mention taxes.

Bottom line is any of the above four would be a huge improvement. If anyone has additional information please let me know through the website.

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