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Alexandria, VA — Senate Conservatives Action (SCA) announced a new 30-second TV ad Tuesday, which exposes U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell’s decision to help the Democrats fund Obamacare. The ad (“Kentucky”) will run statewide on broadcast and cable television from October 30 to November 12. The cost of the ad buy is $330,000.

“Mitch McConnell says he opposes Obamacare when he’s in Kentucky, but then he helps the Democrats fund Obamacare when he’s in Washington,” said SCA Executive Director Matt Hoskins. “Mitch McConnell has lost his way. It’s why more and more Kentucky Republicans are supporting Matt Bevin, a true conservative who will fight for their values.”

No more Good Old Boys Club. VOTE THEM OUT

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On Oct 18 2013 The Senate Conservatives Fund endorsed Matt Bevin for Senate in KY for 2014. Mitch McConnell has been there for 28 years. That makes him one of the problems as far as I am concerned. Anyone who has been there that long is probably more concerned with their re-election than they are with helping “WE THE PEOPLE”.

The SCF only endorses new candidates. They know what I am realizing, that anyone who stays in DC long enough will sell us out. They will never vote for term limits on themselves, so it is up to the voters to impose them at the voting booth. I was discouraged when I saw that Mike Huckabee endorsed Mitch McConnell. I assume he is only thinking “elect an established Republican”. It’s a shame because the established Republicans have sold their SOUL and we may forgive them but please don’t forget. The best thing we can do for them is VOTE THEM OUT so they can’t be corrupted more than they already have been. Take away the temptation.

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