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Have been sitting here today thinking and feel so sorry for Hillary. Think about it for a minute, she is having so many problems and so much bad luck I can’t help feeling sorry for her.

  • She looks tired. Has to rest after any campaign event.
  • Keeps falling and hurting herself, I read about some of her falls, her health problems and a possible drinking problem.
  • Face it, being married to an accused serial sexual offender who wouldn’t have problem?.
  • She tried keeping a private server as Secretary of State and it got hacked and some of her secrets exposed. Talk about bad luck.
  • She got the DNC to help her win her primary and would you believe, that got hacked and those secrets got exposed too, more bad luck.
  • I read today that the Clinton Foundation got hacked too. With her bad luck there will probably be more secrets exposed.

There are many other reasons to feel sorry for her. Maybe you have an idea?

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