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I’m working on endorsed candidates for Congress in 2014. If you have suggestions please let me know. What I have so far is at Vote Them Out Today.

I don’t live in Alabama so I’m asking for guidance from people who do.

It’s time “We The People” take our country back

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While The Senate Conservatives Fund has not endorsed anyone they state “Arkansas is on our 2014 Priority List because it presents conservatives with a major pick-up opportunity. Incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Pryor is extremely vulnerable. Pryor has a liberal voting record and is running for re-election in a state President Obama lost badly in 2012.”

Tom Cotton is running for Senate. He is currently in Congress for District 4. He has been endorsed by Allen West. I have liked Allen West since he ran for Congress so I also endorse Tom Cotton.

Mike Huckabee had endorsed him for Congress in 2012.

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