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I will post my thoughts on Texas here. If I have a specific candidate I’m pretty sure of I will make a separate post on them as I did for Dr. Pam Barlow CD 13.

The Primary will be March 4, 2014 (runoff May 27, 2014) and the General will be November 4, 2014. I approve of voting out the incumbents whenever a good solid conservative is available. Read More. Freedom Works is a good place to check their records.

CD1 Louie Gohmert R the incumbent has been there since 2004. He is one of the few I like and there isn’t anyone running that I know of who I would support over him.

CD2 Ted Poe R Since 2004. Seems pretty good and no one running that I have found.

CD3 Sam Johnson R Since 1991. Looks like his challengers are Cecil Ince L don’t really know anything much about him so if you do please post it in the comments section. Josh Loveless I again if you have more info post it in the comments.

CD4 Ralph M. Hall R Since 1980 (started as a Democrat, switched to Republican in 2004), been there a long time. Tony Arterburn Jr. R Supports The Fair Tax, I like what I read. Let me know what you think. Lou Gigliotti R Suppotys The Fair Tax.



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I am of the mind these days that even with a Congressman or Senator who seems pretty conservative, if there is a new person who seems conservative, maybe it is time to replace the incumbent. Some reasons for that would be 1) Things are not improving with the Congress we have. 2) If they assume they will be reelected why fight the way “We The People” want them to. 3) When they realize they will be replaced if they don’t produce results they will start doing what we want. 4) Most will not impose term limits on themselves so it is up to us.

There are many more reasons but those are a good start. The reason the country is in the shape it’s in is we all got complacent. We didn’t keep an eye on them, as long as the politicians could make deals, take payoffs, be pressured by the parties and lobbyists, hide what they were doing with a media who didn’t do their job, they never paid a price for their actions. They keep passing laws that everyone has to live with except the politicians, don’t believe me, I refer you to ObamaCare. I blame myself for letting it happen, I blame Christians for not voting their values and yes I blame you too. We all have to share in the blame as well as work together to resolve it.

One person can’t fix it, one group can’t fix it, but if we work together we can do great things as a country. We all have to take responsibility and do our part. When we change our attitude, stop fighting each other, get our heads in the right place, WE WIN. It has happened over a long period of time. I know in my case I used to think my vote didn’t matter, after all it was only one vote. I now realize that is what they want you to think. I’m talking about both parties, the Democrats want to discourage Republicans and Republicans want to discourage Democrats. They then try to motivate their base. I say stop listening to both parties and vote every time. Don’t give them control. Make them fear the voters so they will actually realize they work for us.

I also stopped donating to the party. I now send money to the candidate I want to support. If you give it to the party then they decide where it goes. That is one of the reasons we get some of the politicians we have because the party funds the one who will vote the party line rather than what the people they represent want. Defund the party and you get more candidates who work for the people.

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The Senate Conservatives Fund has not endorsed anyone. They state” Incumbent Republican Mike Enzi is up for re-election. Wyoming is a bright red state so the winner of the GOP primary will likely win the seat.

Note: SCF will not endorse Mike Enzi because we have a policy against endorsing incumbents. SCF seeks to identify and elect new leaders to the U.S. Senate.

The only other candidate they have listed is Liz Cheney R She is endorsed by Rush Limbaugh.

If you have any additional information, please let me know from the website.

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The Senate Conservatives Fund has not endorsed anyone. They state “Incumbent Republican Lamar Alexander is up for re-election. Tennessee is a red state so the winner of the GOP primary will likely win the seat.

The Nashville Tea Party told me they had settled on Joe Carr R He seems pretty good on the issues and should be way better than Lamar Alexander. Get out and vote in the primary Aug 7, 2014 because that is when you have the chance to defeat Alexander.

If you have additional information please let me know from the website.

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The Senate Conservatives Fund has not endorsed anyone. They state “South Dakota is on our 2014 Priority List because it presents conservatives with a major pick-up opportunity. Incumbent Democratic Senator Tim Johnson is retiring. President Obama lost the state in 2012 so it is important that Republicans nominate a strong conservative. NOTE: SCF will not support former governor MIke Rounds because his record is too liberal.

If Mike Rounds is too liberal for SCF, I say he is too liberal for thee people of South Dakota.

The other candidates listed are Annette Bosworth R I like what I read, she also supports term limits and the Fair Tax, Larry Rhoden R Seems OK on the major issues, and Stace Nelson R Everything sounds good and he supports Term Limits.

Based on what I read the two best options would be either Annette Bosworth or Stace Nelson.

If you have any additional information please let me know from the website.

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The Senate Conservatives Fund has not endorsed anyone. They state “Incumbent Republican Lindsey Graham is up for re-election. South Carolina is a bright red state so the winner of the GOP primary will likely win the seat.

Many/most conservatives agree that Lindsey Graham needs to be defeated. I was reading an article on Brietbart the other day that put forth the theory  that several primary challengers could keep the incumbent below the 50% mark, forcing a run off. That way people can get behind the challenger to defeat Graham in the primary. The idea has some merit. The only chance is in the primary and it will take people getting out and voting in the primary.

The candidates listed are Bill Connor R The website didn’t go into issues so I don’t know where he actually stands, Lee Bright R He seems to be good on the constitution, 2nd amendment, pro life and does mention The Fair Tax, Nancy Mace R Pro life, good statement on 2nd amendment, didn’t mention the Fair Tax, Richard Cash R I liked everything I read, only problem was he didn’t mention taxes.

Bottom line is any of the above four would be a huge improvement. If anyone has additional information please let me know through the website.

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The Senate Conservatives Fund has not endorsed anyone. They say “Minnesota is on our 2014 Priority List because it presents conservatives with a potential pick-up opportunity. Incumbent Democratic Senator Al Franken has an extremely liberal voting record and is running for re-election in a state that could be competitive for Republicans.”

Personally I would vote for anyone over Al Franken. I remember when he won that seat, I questioned it then and have never seen or read anything that answers those questions. There is a campaign to defeat Al Franken, check out the article by Lloyd Marcus.

Radio ad


If you know of anyone running in Minnesota. Please let me know from the website

That way I can update this post.

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A blog post by Michael Connelly. Reprinted with his permission.


In August 2009 I read and analyzed the 1100 pages of HR 3200 that was the original version of the Affordable Care Act. I wrote an article about the proposed legislation that became the first one posted on this blog. That article has recently resurfaced several times and gone viral as an email.

Of course, it was not about the version of the law that finally passed, that version originated in the U.S. Senate and was H.R. 3590, originally a House bill on a totally unrelated matter. This was one of the first ruses by the Democrats designed to bypass the Constitutional requirement that all revenue bills begin in the House.

In my original article titled “The Truth About the Health Care Bills” I stated that “The law does provide for rationing of health care, particularly where senior citizens and other classes of citizens are involved, free health care for illegal immigrants, free abortion services, and probably forced participation in abortions by members of the medical profession.” I was attacked by the left immediately for making inaccurate claims about what the bill said, yet everything I predicted has either happened or is in the process of being implemented.

I also concluded in that original article that “this legislation really has no intention of providing affordable health care choices. Instead it is a convenient cover for the most massive transfer of power to the Executive Branch of government that has ever occurred, or even been contemplated. If this law or a similar one is adopted, major portions of the Constitution of the United States will effectively have been destroyed.

In addition, I stated that “This legislation also provides for access by the appointees of the Obama administration of all of your personal healthcare information, your personal financial information, and the information of your employer, physician, and hospital. All of this is a direct violation of the specific provisions of the 4th Amendment to the Constitution protecting against unreasonable searches and seizures. You can also forget about the right to privacy. That will have been legislated into oblivion regardless of what the 3rd and 4th Amendments may provide.”

H.R. 3590 is over 2700 pages and in many respects is worse than the original version. It establishes 138 new federal commissions and agencies; all under the control of Obama. The law is being used to violate the 1st Amendment rights of religious institutions and religious owners of businesses. It violates the 4th Amendment by giving the IRS access to our personal information, and we all know how careful it is with such information.

As for Obama’s promises, people are losing their insurance that they were told they could keep and they will also lose their doctors. But, of course, our President has fixed that. His majesty has ordered insurance companies to renew the policies, but just until after the 2014 elections. That is the way this President fixes things for the American people.

Now, how is he going to fix the lie that insurance premiums would go down when they are going up, and the lie that health care costs would go down when they are rising? Then there is the lie that thousands of new jobs would be created in the health care industry when in fact almost 50,000 health care workers have been laid off so far this year. Of course, new jobs as navigators are being created for Obama loyalists in Acorn, Planned Parenthood, and the Urban League. Navigators for a system that doesn’t work.

Thus, I reiterate what I said in 2009. This law was never about providing affordable health care to Americans; it was and still is about giving the Federal government power to control the lives of Americans. The ACA was designed to fail so the ultimate goal can be achieved, total government control over healthcare, i.e. socialized medicine.

Michael Connelly

Michael Connelly blog

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I have people tell me all the time about “the separation of church and state”. From the things I have read and the way I understand it. The Constitution says that Congress can’t  force you to follow a religion or stop you from The Faith of your choice. In other words that is YOUR Business, NOT THEIRS! I don’t see anywhere that you can’t or shouldn’t be in government if you are a person of Faith. If I believed what some people try to tell me, the only people who could run for office would be atheists. As a matter of fact a large portion of The Founding Fathers had Seminary degrees.

The lie The Enemy (replace the enemy with your version, ie Satan, The Left, Communists, Progressives etc.) is only interested in stopping Christians. Why is that? I personally feel it is because Christians scare them. Christians are the one group large enough to stop them, so they have to convince Christians, they can’t make a difference, they shouldn’t try to make a difference, it is against the Constitution to make a difference, and probably a few excuses I haven’t thought of.

You can check out God’s Tunes Blog for some other ideas.

The best explanation I have seen on the numbers is in this youtube video

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I got an email from Dr. Pam Barlow. At first I didn’t pay much attention to it. I read the email and started looking into it and I like what she has to say, plus the fact that she has quite a bit of Tea Party support. I will support whoever wins the Republican Primary. I have been saying for a long time the primary is where you make the difference. I keep hearing from people that they are tired of “voting for the lesser of two evils”. I agree, so get out there and put the right candidate on the ballot in the primary and support them. I am quoting the email I received below. To check out other Districts in Texas Click Here.

“My fellow Constitutional Conservative, I sincerely need your help.

I am Dr. Pam Barlow, a Texas District 13 Candidate for the US House of Representatives in the 2014 Republican Primary.  I am also a private practice Veterinarian from Bowie, TX, a Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, an Entrepreneur, a Small Business Owner, and a Job Creator.  I ran for the same position in the 2012 Primary, garnering 22% of the vote as a first time candidate.  I announced my 2014 run on 30 May 2012, the day after the 2012 Primary, and have been actively campaigning and gaining momentum toward 2014 throughout the District since that announcement.

Why should you consider me?  I am a Constitutional Conservative that swore an oath to our Constitution in 1976, and I will work diligently for a Constitutionally limited Federal Government.  With 31 years in the Army under my belt, I have a backbone and know how to lead.  If you like Ted Cruz in the Senate, you will love me in the House — and Ted needs all the reinforcements we can send him.

As a Constitutional Conservative Candidate, I have a much harder time fundraising for my Campaign because the big PACs have nothing they can buy from me.  I have run into this many times, but I am not discouraged.  In fact, I’m quite happy that I’m not for sale.  I think protecting and defending our Constitution — and actually governing by it — is far more important to voters in the long run than big dollar donors.

I will to go to Congress to make the tough choices, cut spending, balance the budget, and limit the Federal government to it’s Constitutional scope.  I have a conscience that won’t let me take what isn’t mine or waste what has been entrusted to me.  I understand that I will not be spending MY money, I will be spending YOUR hard-earned tax dollars.

I will stand face-to-face and toe-to-toe with the people who are trying to fundamentally change the government of this country into something we won’t recognize, and not only refuse to surrender one more inch of America, but push back as well.  I look forward to bringing my Leadership skills to the Republican Party in Washington.

Please help me get there to make the changes WE the People know we need — reduce the spending, balance the budget, decrease the Federal regulations that are stifling business and job creation, and pull the Federal Government back within its Constitutional limits.

Find more information at
Thank you for your support at


Pamela Lee Barlow, DVM
Veteran, Small Business Owner, Job Creator
LTC (Ret), US Army
Candidate for US Congress, Texas 13th District
Republican Primary 2014
Bowie, Texas

Mailing Address:
Dr. Pam Barlow for Congress
100 N Smythe
Bowie, TX  76230″

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