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I keep thinking about this and the fact that it keeps coming to my mind tells me to comment on it. There is quite a bit of information out there, yet too many people don’t consider it important. For many years I didn’t bother voting. I had the same thoughts as many ” My vote doesn’t matter “, ” It’s only one vote “, along with many other excuses. Hopefully if you read this post and watch the videos and follow the links you will realize as I did that your vote does matter and if enough people will vote their biblical values things will change.

The first thing is John Hagee Ministries has T Shirts available saying Vote The Bible. I have ordered mine because it is a message to anyone you come in contact with. Order yours here Vote The Bible T Shirt.

The next thing is John Hagee has preached a whole series about voting biblical values, it was from before the 2012 elections but it is still valid today and time is growing shorter. You can listen at

Again, this is from around 2012 but it does give you some information about the consequences of your vote.

Then there are things from David Barton at Wallbuilders 

One Vote Matters

Thank You for reading and I hope it helps clear up the urgency I feel to encourage people to vote.

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Alaska is on The Senate Conservatives Fund for 2014 Priority List because it presents conservatives with a major pick-up opportunity. Incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Begich is extremely vulnerable. Begich has a liberal voting record and is running for re-election in a state President Obama lost badly in 2012.

At this point there are two Republicans running Joe Miller and Mead Treadwell. At this point I’m leaning toward Joe Miller. Either one would be preferable to Mark Begich.

See the Alaska page

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