One comment on “Poll: Who are you voting for?

  1. Just a thought ! The day will come when we will get a woman for our President..At the time we will vote in a strong, honest and upstanding united states citizen. Now is not the time…..We must search our hearts…we are so close to loosing our what they define as A New World Order. What would that mean for us as women? To me it means my freedoms..It means freedom of religion for my family to practice the faith of their choice..It mean running my household..paying bills..feeding my family and my children’s education. Ladies we have these things to consider,we have to think smart right now for our children’s future..please think of a brighter future…please put aside party lines and media prejudice. Please consider our country. Ladies our day will come and when it does we will stand with pride to vote in a strong,honest,decent,law abiding woman. God Bless our Country and God Bless out Families.

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