My granddaughter came in asking for help with her paper she had to write for school. She is in the 8th grade, we live in TN. I had noticed her school books said on the cover they were based on “The Common Core” curriculum. Her paper was on “The Affordable Care Act” ie. ObamaCare. She had some printed material her teacher gave her. When I looked at the papers she had I realized it was Pro ObamaCare.

First off I didn’t feel it was an appropriate subject for kids in school. Worse it felt like indoctrination to me. I did help her write it but I’m pretty sure her teacher will not be pleased with it. If the school is going to tell her how great ObamaCare is, I will take it on myself to tell her the other side.

What I did was take items from the Pro list and we discussed it in her paper. Funny thing was it always turned out to be a Con by the time we had discussed it. She really didn’t want to talk about it but if the school is going to try and teach her “What To Think”, it becomes my job to teach her “How To Think”.

I say the school is supposed to Educate not indoctrinate.

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