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For a couple of days now facebook has been telling me I’m restricted from sharing certain pages or posts, they claim I may be infected with a virus or malware so I scanned for both, nothing found! If it was telling me that on everything it would make sense, only problem is it only stops me when the post says something about Obama, Hillery or comes from a conservative source.
Just seems strange that it only happens on certain types of posts. Anyone else seeing that?

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Got an email from Rafael Dagnesses R running for Congress in California 26th. I already supported him as shown on the state page. Below is part of what was in the email. I say it’s time for the silent majority to stand up and vote out all the politicians who would take away any of our God given rights.

See attached flyer:
Tuesday, voters will be going to the ballot once again while being lied to by career politicians like Julia Brownley. 
Julia has been an enemy of the 2nd Amendment from her days in Sacramento and now in Washington D.C..  Please consider sending the attached flyer to your database and ask them to vote for our 2nd Amendment Tuesday and support Rafael.  
Feel free to have the owner of your business reach out to Rafael anytime.  He will be reaching out to you after the primary election in preparation for the  November battle.  

Semper Fidelis,
Rafael A. Dagnesses

Republican Nominee for the United States House of Representatives

California’s 26th Congressional District”

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