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Nov 4th is election day. I pray that people realize that the only hope for this Republic is to vote the Bible. Now some people will get mad at me for this but that means vote republican and no I’m not saying they are much better than the dems, I will remind the people who get offended by that, remember the 2012 DNC where they took God and Israel out of the Dem Plank and then booed when they tried to put it back in. At least as far as I know the republican party hasn’t done that. We need to take control away from Dirty Harry so some of the damage can be corrected. If the GOP doesn’t do their job I will be the biggest cheerleader for a 3rd party. So please for the sake of the Country, our kids and grandchildren don’t sit this election out. I have to hold my nose to vote for some of them but I will do it.

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