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The other day I said “Don’t get mad at the politicians, vote them out”. It’s difficult to not get mad at them when you realize all the things they do to us. I still say “VOTE THEM OUT“, they deserve to be voted out and “WE THE PEOPLE” deserve better than we have been getting.

The news is as bad or worse. The politicians lie and the news tells us the same story. I say, don’t get mad at the news, change the channel. They don’t deserve the ratings and we deserve the truth.

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On Oct 17 2013 The Senate Conservatives Fund endorsed Chris McDaniel for Senate in Mississippi. Thad Cochran has been there for 24 years which makes him part of the problem. We need to replace as many of the incumbents as possible, especially ones who have been there for a long time.

Thad Cochran was one of the Republicans who voted to fund ObamaCare.

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We have all heard of Saul Alinski and “Rules for Radicals”. If not, you should know about those tactics. It is time to learn how to deal with those tactics and fight back. I was listening to Glenn Beck on the radio today and they mentioned “Rules For Patriots” available for free at I went and downloaded my copy and from what I have looked at so far is good information. I would encourage everyone to get a copy and learn how to deal with the tactics of the radical left.

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On Oct 18 2013 The Senate Conservatives Fund endorsed Matt Bevin for Senate in KY for 2014. Mitch McConnell has been there for 28 years. That makes him one of the problems as far as I am concerned. Anyone who has been there that long is probably more concerned with their re-election than they are with helping “WE THE PEOPLE”.

The SCF only endorses new candidates. They know what I am realizing, that anyone who stays in DC long enough will sell us out. They will never vote for term limits on themselves, so it is up to the voters to impose them at the voting booth. I was discouraged when I saw that Mike Huckabee endorsed Mitch McConnell. I assume he is only thinking “elect an established Republican”. It’s a shame because the established Republicans have sold their SOUL and we may forgive them but please don’t forget. The best thing we can do for them is VOTE THEM OUT so they can’t be corrupted more than they already have been. Take away the temptation.

The state pages are updated on an ongoing basis on the website.

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Remember way back in the distant past – like, two weeks ago – when every Democrat on Capitol Hill was united in the determination that ObamaCare must not be changed, not be delayed, not be modified in any way, because to do so would be a dirty, nasty, right-wing Republican trick?

My. How things change. Dana Bash of CNN tweets that the 13 Democrat senators up for re-election in 2014 are suddenly singing a very different tune:

Well that’s nice of them, but these same 13 Democrats voted in 2009 to create this monstrosity in the first place. And don’t forget how that went down either. Remember that the Senate passed a version of the bill that everyone knew had major problems, taking advantage of its 60-seat, filibuster-proof majority to push the bill through. Then Senator Ted Kennedy died, and was replaced by Republican Scott Brown. That meant the Senate could no longer stop a filibuster, which it would need to do to pass any improved bill coming out of conference after the House passed its version. The only way at that point to pass ObamaCare to have the House pass the Senate bill with no changes, then abuse reconciliation rules to pass the fixes that were needed.

Abusing power is something Harry Reid is only too happy to do.

So every one of these 13 Democrats is responsible for creating the mess in which we now find ourselves. Their sudden conversion to the need for a delay is very nice, but it’s not enough. If you live in any one of these states, I urge you to vote for their Repubican opponents next year. If you do not, you could at least send the Republican candidates some money. There needs to be accountability for one’s part in creating a monster.

One other point about that: The conventional wisdom is that Republicans are silly for talking about ObamaCare repeal because they are in the minority and obviously don’t have the votes. I have a question about that: Why should Democrats not be expected to vote for repeal? ObamaCare is a disaster, and this becomes more obvious and more serious by the day. Why should it be considered acceptable that they put their party loyalty ahead of their obligation to the nation and refuse to fix this clusterfark?

Delay is not enough. And refusing to vote for repeal just because you are a Democrat is not acceptable. You are supposed to be an American first, so clean up the mess you helped to make, and stop waving your party label around as the reason you should not be expected to do so.

Here are the Dirty Baker’s Dozen:

  • Mark Begich (Alaska)
  • Mark Pryor (Arkansas)
  • Mark Udall (Colorado)
  • Mary Landrieu (Louisiana)
  • Al Franken (Minnesota)
  • Max “Trainwreck” Baucus (Montana)
  • Jeanne Shaheen (New Hampshire)
  • Tom Udall (New Mexico)
  • Kay Hagan (North Carolina)
  • Jeff Merkeley (Oregon)
  • Tim Johnson (South Dakota)
  • Mark Warner (Virginia)
  • Jay Rockefeller (West Virginia)

In addition to the Dirty Baker’s Dozen are Michigan’s Carl Levin and Iowa’s Tom Harkin, who performed long-overdue service to the nation by announcing their retirements. Whoever emerges from Republican primaries in Michigan and Iowa deserves major support.

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On Oct 22 2013 The Senate Conservatives Fund Endorsed Ben Sasse R for the Senate in Nebraska. You can check out their endorsement at SFC Website They have all the information there. Ben Sasse website.

I trust The Senate Conservatives Fund because they only endorse new people, they never endorse incumbent’s. Now that is what I call term limits that I can live with. There are only a few politicians I have been willing to endorse more than one time. It seems that once they get elected they are not as conservative as they claimed.


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