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Today is Memorial Day and as I sit here I realize just what a debt we owe our soldiers and veterans. Even if you don’t agree with a war or conflict it isn’t the soldiers fault, they were sent into battle with orders to do a job so they roll up their sleeves and do what would seem impossible to me.
So I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You and God Bless all the active duty military and our veterans

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A thought came to me a couple of days ago. Now I’m not sure where the thought came from, if it is accurate or whatever. I tried to ignore it but it keeps coming back so I have to say it so it will leave me alone.

  1. I don’t believe the states would be able to enforce it and the politicians know it.
  2. That means the Federal Government will step in and enforce it, effectively taking control of the internet because they have to regulate it in order to enforce the sales tax, which I’m afraid may be the end game anyway.
  3. I don’t believe there is much support for it from the people, mainly politicians and some large companies so they can force the small competitors out of business. They see it as a way to increase profits but they will get hit in the end too.
  4. The best case scenario will be higher prices, worse service and less avenues for us to purchase products which should be enough to turn most people sour on the idea.
  5. The worst case scenario would be our government taking control of the internet and using the IRS to enforce the regulations they try to put on it. Could be limiting our 1st amendment rights (if you happen to sell something and they don’t like what you say they use the IRS to either shut you up or shut you down).
  6. I don’t know about you but I see it as a power grab in the making to go along with gun control, amnesty and all the other power grabs they have tried recently.
  7. I’m not willing to give them any more control over me than they already have. As a matter of fact I would prefer they start turning some of that control back to the states and the individual where The Founders intended for it to be.
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On May 6 2013 The Senate voted on this and passed it. I don’t know about you but when I
see our Government use the term fairness a red flag pops up for me because nothing they
do is fair to “We The People”. To me this Internet Sales Tax will do a couple of major
things. First it will kill even more jobs by stopping people like you and me from starting a
little internet business to earn a living which we would pay income tax on. It helps the
large stores put their competition out of business because of the cost of compliance and I
don’t believe the states can handle the job which opens the door for the Fed’s to inject
themselves into it giving them even more control over our lives.
I say they have too much power and control now. The politicians who sold us out need to go
and I hate to say it but some I have supported in the past. No More. The names will be on
this list and the co-sponsors will be indicated also.
If they voted yes “Vote Them Out” If they also Co-sponsored the bill it’s even more critical
to get them out of office.
If they voted no then they have some support from me.

Pdf with details

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If “We The People” don’t make our voice heard and stop the internet sale tax I’m afraid it will be another nail in the economy’s coffin. There are many reasons to not want it but here is the main reason I believe we must stop it:

The states do not have the resources to enforce or track it. I believe it will end up being another way for the Federal Govt to control both the individual and the states, I don’t know about you but I think the Federal Govt has already grabbed too much power. They won’t stop trying and they convince some of the politicians to support these things. The one’s who do will go on my don’t support list but if we don’t stop the power grab the damage will be done before we can vote those politicians out.

They should be repealing laws they refuse to enforce or which are outdated rather than passing more laws to control us.

Call or email your Senators and your Congressman and let them know. You can look up emails and phone numbers at and

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Today was the National Day of Prayer and I hope every Christian participated because The United States of America could certainly use a Blessing from God right about now.
My prayer was for God to convince our politicians to do what is right for The Country and The People, turn from their wicked ways and ask forgiveness so The Country would hear from God and He would Heal Our Land.

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