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For the past few days a persistent thought has been in my mind. I watch the news and read things on the internet and with everyone telling you to vote for this one or that one. This is the only candidate who can win. If you listen to them and believe what they say you may be tempted to stay home. That is the last thing you should do.
In 2010 the people started taking back control and I say 2012 is the year to take back more control. The politicians and media have called the shots for so long they will fight to keep control. Our job is to let them know their control is over and the way we do that is for an overwhelming majority of people to vote. I won’t try to tell you who to vote for because I have faith in God and The American People.

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If “We The People” continue to accept “the lie” that government is in control and has the answers. We will continue to vote for whoever promises the most stuff or has the money to run the most ads. Is your vote for sale? Is America for sale to the highest bidder? For me the answer is no to both of those questions.

I believe in many things, first being God. I believe as a country we will get back to where we should be – not because of the government, but in spite of it.

I believe “the politicians” always try to buy the election with the help of the media and the pundits.

I say don’t believe what they tell you. Ignore the things they tell you like “One is more electable because they are the only one who can raise enough money to compete”, or “The other is more conservative and can destroy Obama in a debate”. The other side says Obama can’t be beat, because he will have a billion dollars,  because he is the incumbent, because if the economy improves he will get the credit. Those are all lies! None of those statements need to be true.

I personally believe God is in control and He let Obama be elected to wake us up. Now it’s up to us to realize that God is in control and putting our trust in government is misplaced trust. I also believe that “We The People” can still decide if we follow God or politicians. The political system has been tweaked to the point where it is harder for us to have our values represented. The system does favor big money and the political parties.

There is still a way! The evidence is in the 2010 midterm elections. The Tea Party movement scared both political parties because they refused to compromise their core values. I believe that is why many of the politicians (from both parties) tried so hard to make them look bad, called them every name they could think of. It didn’t work and many of the people who got elected were either part of the movement or at least sympathetic to it. They have been blamed for the problems in Congress. I say they are making some of the others uncomfortable and we need to put more like them in there.

We have little say in the general election, we vote for one or the other. Where we can and should make a difference is in the primary. The general election doesn’t make that much difference if both candidates are close to being the same. In the primary we have an opportunity to vote for the person we feel is closest to what we want. The question about money, electability etc. doesn’t need to be a part of it. Whoever wins the primary should be supported in the general.

For me, I pray and ask God to guide me. We need to do the same for elections at every level. If we do, we can take back control. Everyone who is eligible to vote should to insure the will of the people is done.

The absolute biggest lie is “Your vote doesn’t matter”. They are afraid you will learn that it in fact does matter.

Take back control, VOTE!

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