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I listen to the news and get the impression from Fox they support Romney and are telling the viewers to vote for him because he can win. All the pundits are busy telling us Herman Cain doesn’t have a chance yet they can’t explain or understand why he keeps climbing in the polls. Every now and then I turn on msnbc or cnn to see what they are saying (can’t watch for long at a time because they are so obvious about their bias), they slam Herman Cain every chance they get and I haven’t heard them say much about Romney. Then my instincts kick in and I start thinking, if Fox tells us Herman Cain can’t win but Romney can I don’t trust it, then the other networks slam Cain and give Romney a pass. I wonder is it because they are afraid of Cain but not Romney?
I think back to 2008 when they went after Sarah Palin with such passion and I realize they really attack people they are afraid of so Obama won’t have to face them in a debate. 

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During the last Republican debate while attacking Herman Cain’s 999 Plan we heard from the politician’s that congress could not be trusted. I agree with that statement and as I was thinking about it I came to the conclusion that the only real solution is vote out incumbents and replace them with people who haven’t sold their soul’s to either the lobbyist’s or the party. It occurred to me that we had some success voting in Tea Party Candidates in 2010 and I say keep voting them out.

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I Just Love It When God Takes Over!

Today is Oct 15 2011. For about a month I had been praying for God to raise up someone who would do His Will. Almost immediately Herman Cain started moving up in the polls. Now I’m not suggesting I had anything to do with that but I did wonder if God may be working on it.

Today was a strange day, I got up around noon which seems to be normal for me and for some reason I didn’t drink much coffee, I put on some clothes and put the hand controls in the van. My wife and I were running to town so we stopped and got some gas and went to do what we set out to do. No surprises yet. We stopped at one place and my wife went in and came right back out and said Herman Cain was going to be in Rogersville around 4 PM. I looked at the time and said we don’t have time to get there and started detailing all the reasons we couldn’t do it, she said we could then for some reason I said get in and off we went.

Now normally it takes about 40 minutes to drive to Rogersville but somehow we were there in 20 minutes. We were told by a police officer there were no parking spots left so we were going to turn around there was an empty spot right there so we parked. I’m in a wheelchair so we really needed to be close. We got up to where the event was to be held and in a few minutes the bus pulled in. We were back a little ways and couldn’t see when a woman we didn’t know asked if we would like to be closer, we said yes and she said come on and some way people moved and we got right up by the stage. I don’t know who the woman was but I would like to say thank you to her.

If you have not paid attention to Herman Cain I would suggest you listen to him with an open mind because he will make sense and give you real hope for the future of America. He talked about his 999 Plan and it does make sense as well as his vision for America to be the greatest country in the world as it always was and should always be.

After his speech another woman who had been talking to my wife said she could get a picture and email it to me. She said come on and again people moved and let us get right up front and I got to shake Mr. Cain’s hand. My wife told him we were praying for him and he said keep praying.

Now the point of the whole story is all of the things that happened we did not plan or try to organize. In fact my instinct was we couldn’t make any of it work out. I think God had different plans and when we let Him lead He will put you where He wants you. For that reason I am paying very close attention to Herman Cain because I believe God is in charge and He seems to be telling me to.

I have never in my life given a contribution to anyone running for president but am thinking about sending a contribution to Herman Cain at

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